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Three  shades of Orange

Hi there !

This Saturday, come to Mig’s to enjoy a wine tasting, but it’s not red or white wine, but orange wine! Orange wine is a white wine vinified like a red wine. It is a type of wine made from white grape varieties where the grape juice is left in contact with the skins. The orange colour comes from the maceration of the skins!

On the menu, three wines from different origins available for tasting this Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m :

Umami Wines’ wine, Obeidy, from Lebanon.

Oliver, a Hungarian wine from Kristinus.

The Georgian wine from Tibaani, Rkatsiteli. 

New beers at the shop

We added two beers to our range from the amazing nano brewery l’Ermitage, available at the shop…


We’re stepping out of our comfort zone for this rather traditional Belgian triple. Thanks to a collaboration with YCH we have added our own personal touch, with a dryhop of a new English hop variety, Endeavour. The spicy esters of the yeast blend very well with the spiciness of this hop, which also develops blackcurrant and blueberry aromas. Be careful, it hits. 7,6%.


Blend of sour beer (1 year) aged in red wine barrels, saison aux bretts (2 years), with a touch of young Cantillon lambic (10%). This blend was macerated for 2 months on Pinot Noir marc from the Lissner estate (Alsace).

The Mig’s team wish you a great Easter !


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