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Mig’s invites Munros importer for a spirit tasting!

Hi there ! 

On 1 April 286, the Roman Emperor Diocletian elevated his general Maximian to the dignity of Augustus, making him co-emperor and giving him control of the western regions of the Empire…

We too will be making history this Saturday 1 April 2023 at Mig’s with a free amazing spirits tasting ! The list is long so hold on tight!

Gaetan Oleffe, Belgian importer, will be on hand to present the selection!

Two Gins :
An Dulaman
Gin Balthazar

One Rum:
Producao 2015 – Engatios do Norte Madeire

Three Whiskies:
Bart’s Irish blended whiskey
James Eadie – Blended whisky Trade Mark X
 Silkie Red


We will be glad to share a glass and chat a little with you from 2 to 6 pm as usual !

Next Laugh and Learn sessions

Good news, we still have available spots for the coming Laugh & Learn sessions :



  • Thursday 30 March : Spirits from Asia : A never-ending creativity ! Whisky, gin, rhums…
  • Tuesday 4 April : Spring wines : Light yet complex !
  • Tuesday 18 April : ABC : Anything But Chardonnay ! A wine tasting of less known grape varieties.
  • Thursday 20 April : SPECIAL COCKTAIL, partnership with a professional mixologist. Roadtrip to the USA : Why Bourbon and Rye whiskey are so unique ? 40€/participant
  • Tuesday 25 April : Wines from Belgium : small vineyard, delightful wines !
  • Thursday 27 April : Do you know French spirits ? Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados.
  • Thursday 4 May : Scotch Whisky : Blend, blended malt, single malt ? Introduction to the whisky made in Scotland.
  • Wednesday 10 May : 100% Greek, Greek terroirs, Greek wines !
  • Tuesday 16 May : Spanish Style : Discover the rhums made in the Spanish style, a trip to Cuba, Guatemala, Colombia… and more.



Seats are limited : First come, first served
Warning : seats are reserved once the payment is received.

All cancellations can be refunded in full up to 3 days before the tasting.


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