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Long live Beaujolais Nouveau and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here they come…

Who? What?

The Bojo Novo! (meaning Beaujolais Nouveau). We have two wines from the Domaine Pierre Marie Chermette to offer you this year.

– Les Griottes, a supple wine, full of freshness with a tangy side of red fruits.

– Origine – Vieilles vignes, a perfect wine to reconcile those disappointed by the primeur: complexity and substance, floral aromas, blackberry and a touch of roasted chocolate.

On sale today at the shop !



This Saturday afternoon, we will be tasting a few bottles to accompany stuffed turkeys and other comfort foods for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. An American Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Bogle Vineyard and a Mexican Zinfandel from La Cetto.

We wish you a good weekend (yes, because after Bojo comes Thanksgiving, so it can’t be a bad weekend)




Your devoted Mig’s Team.

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