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Lambic beers

Born and raised in Brussels, Lambic beers are known to be spontaneously fermented beers from the Senne valley, with wild yeasts. Lambic has in fact its own Designation of Origin.
Lambic is necessary to produce Gueuze Beers, as well as their fruity (Kriek) or sweet (Faro) variants and the oldest of them all : the Timmermans.
These beers are unique! They are quite sour and lemony in their youth, and are known to be less bitter. Some of them have natural fruity aromas such as rhubarb, lemon, red apple.

Gueuze Lambic

Gueuze beers are a combination of young lambic (about one year old) with an older lambic (about two to three years old). It is this association which leads to a second fermentation in the bottle and which has earned it the nickname “Champagne de la Bière”. After two to three more years of further conditioning, the brew is finally ready for consumption.

Kriek Lambic

Historically, Krieks were made by adding whole or macerated cherries to a lambic beer base. After sitting for a few months, the beer would be blended with fresh lambic and bottled.
Lambic beers are best enjoyed in a flute-type glass, at a temperature between 6 and 8°C.
They can go perfectly with marinated fish or a ceviche-type dish with pineapple, and sublimate goat cheese.

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