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Departure for Moldova! Let’s discover its picturesque countryside and its ancient wine traditions. Located at the same latitude as Burgundy, the country produces fresh and surprising wines.

vineyard history

More than
3000 years

A brief history of the vineyard

On the Moldavian territory, viticulture goes back to more than 3000 years, at the time of the Dacians.

Located at the same latitude as Burgundy, it benefits from a continental climate, a hilly topography and the influences of the Black Sea.

Suffering from outdated infrastructures, the country’s policy aims to unite producers since the 2000s and to reform the sector, to emphasize the quality of Moldovan wine.


grape variety

Feteasca Alba
Feteasca Neagra

The country produces mostly white wines, and among them there are Aligoté, Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon Blanc and Feteasca Alba, a local variety…

For red wines, in addition to the traditional varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir, you can also try the Feteasca Neagra, rich and very fruity and the Rara Neagra, a variety cultivated since the time of the Dacians, rather sweet, with notes of dried fruit and vanilla.

The indigenous varieties represent around 10% of the Moldavian vineyard.

vineyard geography

140,000 ha

Balti in the north, the region of cognac.

Codru in the center, the most developed region, with a continental climate close to Burgundy’s, known for its white wines, and some red wines. It represents more than half of the country’s vineyards.

Nistreana or Purkari in the southeast.

Cahul in the south, with a hot and dry climate, producing red and sweet wines.

Extent of the vineyard
Moldova’s vineyards extend over 140,000 ha.


Purcari Estate Timbrus Rara Neagra

Purcari Estate Timbrus Rara Neagra

Purcari Estate Timbrus Saperavi

Purcari Estate Timbrus Saperavi

Radacini Fiori Feteasca Neagra Syrah

Radacini Fiori Feteasca Neagra – Syrah

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