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The German vineyard is ancient and had its heyday during the Renaissance. Due to a capricious climate, the country mainly produces delicate white wines, and fresh red wines, with delicious Pinot Noir.

vineyard history

First cultures
in Mosel

A brief history of the vineyard

The German vineyard dates back to Roman times. The first cultures were located in Mosel. In the Middle Ages, the vineyard developed under the influence of the Church.

During the Renaissance, when Strasbourg was still a German port, the wine trade was quite intensive and the vineyard represented around 300 000 hectares.

It is said that it was in Germany that the late harvest was discovered in the 18th century, somewhat by accident, when over-ripe grapes were vinified.


grape variety


Most of the wines are produced from white grapes, such as Müller-ThurgauSilvanerGewürztraminer

Germany has the highest concentration of world-class Rieslings. The grape variety expresses itself differently from one region to another due to different climates and soils. Thus, these wines can range from very dry to slightly sweet.

Germany is also famous for its fresh red wines, made from Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), or Dornfelder… With the effects of global warming, Germany is producing more and more red wines.

vineyard geography

100,000 ha

There are 13 wine regions in Germany. And because of the quite harsh continental climate, many of them are located on the banks of the Rhine and its tributaries. 6 of the wine regions are located in the Rhineland Palatinate, where 60% of the country’s wines are produced. Otherwise, wine regions are mainly located in the southwest and south of the country.

The most famous regions are MoselNahe
RheingauRheinhessenPfalzBaden and Franken.

The diversity of soils and grape varieties also contributes to the many facets of German wines.

Extent of the vineyard
Today, German vineyards extend over 100,000 hectares (ha).


Anselmann Gewurztraminer Spatlese

Anselmann – Gewürztraminer Spätlese

Weingut Schmitges Weisser Burgunder

Weingut Schmitges – Weisser Burgunder

Sybille Kuntz Riesling Kabinett trocken

Sybille Kuntz Riesling Kabinett trocken

Weingut Franz Kunstler Riesling Hochheimer Herrnberg trocken

Weingut Franz Künstler Riesling ‘Hochheimer Herrnberg’ trocken

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