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Australia is the land of all adventures! And the one of wine, that started only 3 centuries ago, is particularly fruitful, with its numerous grape varieties and its wines from all horizons.
vineyard history

New world wines

A brief history of the vineyard

As for many countries from the “New World”, viticulture in Australia appeared quite recently, at the beginning of the 19th century. However, its production has considerably increased in the last three centuries, and Australia is now one of the largest wine exporting-producers in the world!

The vastness of the territory goes hand in hand with diverse geographical and climatic conditions, as well as terroirs with multiple grape varieties.


grape variety

well known
for Shiraz

Australia is well known for its Shiraz grapes and wines. It is the most important grape variety there, especially in the Hunter Valley and Barossa Valley regions. The wines made from Australian Shiraz are woody, powerful, and robust wines with aromatic notes of ripe fruits, leather and earth wood spices.

Bordeaux grapes too, are quite a thing in Australia, as for Cabernet Sauvignon, which is mainly cultivated in the great regions of Coonawarra (one of the great terroirs of choice for Cabernet Sauvignon thanks to the Terra Rossa), Margaret River and Clare Valley; as well as for Merlot grapes, which are mostly cultivated in McLaren Vale.

The GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre) is getting famous too. In fact, some of the oldest Grenache vines are located in Australia. Winemakers are able to reveal the most beautiful and concentrated expressions of this grape variety.

Pinot Noir is also cultivated in southern Australia, Yarra Valley, Tasmania, Adelaide Hills and Mornington Peninsula, and is mainly used in the sparkling wines.

Chardonnay, for the white wines, is the most common grape variety. The Australian chardonnay wines are of great quality, with complexity and a beautiful ageing potential.

Semillon is one of Australia’s most iconic styles. It gives very subtle dry wines with outstanding ageing potential, especially in the Hunter Valley.

Riesling from the Eden Valley or the Clare Valley are excellent and aromatic.

vineyard geography

146,000 ha

Wine production is present in all the states of the country and particularly on the coast, in order to benefit from a more Mediterranean climate.

We can mention the Margaret River region and the Cullen wines in South Australia, McLaren Vale and the d’Arenberg wines in the South, but also Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley

Extent of the vineyard
In 2021, the vineyards covered about 146,000 ha, before being partly burnt down during the major incendies that ravaged Australia.


Riesling Mount Horrocks

Mount Horrocks Wines Riesling ‘Watervale’

Grenache Paxton

Paxton Grenache

The Laughing Magpie D Arenberg

d’Arenberg The Laughing Magpie – Shiraz/Viognier

Semillon Tulloch

Tulloch – Hunter River White Sémillon

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